Friday, September 24, 2010

LML Star 4 --- Launch & Test Drive @ Vivo Scooters Edinburgh 13th Dec ...
"Discover the new Star 4 stroke, a totally new and innovative scooter with an unrivalled style. Star 4 stroke is the happy association of youth and dynamic reality, which combines emergent countries advancement and the stylistic definition of the best international design.

The scooter is one of the most ecological friendly product in the world, and it unites the best in engineering innovations with an unmistakable style. LML Star creates a new benchmark and design in the frame (chassis), in the engine and other elements creating new standards for safety, reliability and comfort.

Here are some of the innovations that characterize the new Star 4 stroke - a symbol of excellence of its international design.

The 4 stroke Star is totally unique in its frame configuration; innovative structure of welded steel pipes that go to integrate to the sheet metal body configuration, bringing the following innovations:

• Torsion rigidity which is far superior than ever before
• Engine well positioned on the frame for stability
• Adoption of an engine support system with silent-block (Pro Link Mechanism) to connect frame with engine
• Great power brakes
• New suspension system.

This revolutionary structure improves considerably the characteristics of drive, thanks to enhanced stability, absence of vibrations and oscillations, and gives excellent comfort, stability, safety and driving pleasure.
The Star has a revolutionary 4 stroke engine which is, horizonatlly inclined mono cylindrical with single over head cam having two valves, forced air cooling system and a manual 4 gear change with electric starting and also pedal (kick start); these characteristics make the drive very fluid also for the most inexperienced customers thanks to the engine which is bestowed with a good torque also at low speeds .

If you are looking for a futuristic classic and if you want to stand out from the normal scooter, you need to get an LML Star Deluxe and enjoy the Star Lifestyle.

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  1. Looks interesting; I've got a Benelli Velvet 250 scooter.