Sunday, September 26, 2010

LML Select II - scooter advertisement

This is one of the ads that changed the perception of scooters in India. Made by FCB and Kunal Kapoor for LML Vespa....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

LML NV Television Commercial video (August 2010).VOB

Latest LML NV tvc, august 2010, Dir- Mr. MAHESH AANEY ,Concept & Creative- BRAND CURRY Creative team

Friday, September 24, 2010

LML Star 4 --- Launch & Test Drive @ Vivo Scooters Edinburgh 13th Dec ...
"Discover the new Star 4 stroke, a totally new and innovative scooter with an unrivalled style. Star 4 stroke is the happy association of youth and dynamic reality, which combines emergent countries advancement and the stylistic definition of the best international design.

The scooter is one of the most ecological friendly product in the world, and it unites the best in engineering innovations with an unmistakable style. LML Star creates a new benchmark and design in the frame (chassis), in the engine and other elements creating new standards for safety, reliability and comfort.

Here are some of the innovations that characterize the new Star 4 stroke - a symbol of excellence of its international design.

The 4 stroke Star is totally unique in its frame configuration; innovative structure of welded steel pipes that go to integrate to the sheet metal body configuration, bringing the following innovations:

• Torsion rigidity which is far superior than ever before
• Engine well positioned on the frame for stability
• Adoption of an engine support system with silent-block (Pro Link Mechanism) to connect frame with engine
• Great power brakes
• New suspension system.

This revolutionary structure improves considerably the characteristics of drive, thanks to enhanced stability, absence of vibrations and oscillations, and gives excellent comfort, stability, safety and driving pleasure.
The Star has a revolutionary 4 stroke engine which is, horizonatlly inclined mono cylindrical with single over head cam having two valves, forced air cooling system and a manual 4 gear change with electric starting and also pedal (kick start); these characteristics make the drive very fluid also for the most inexperienced customers thanks to the engine which is bestowed with a good torque also at low speeds .

If you are looking for a futuristic classic and if you want to stand out from the normal scooter, you need to get an LML Star Deluxe and enjoy the Star Lifestyle.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Citizen Matters, Bangalore: Young lovers of vintage scooters

Citizen Matters, Bangalore: Young lovers of vintage scooters

You’d expect the members of a group that calls itself the Bangalore Classic Scooter Club to be older, gray-haired, bordering on their 50s perhaps. It therefore comes as a surprise that the founder-members of this group, four in all, are in their 20s and 30s. In fact, as Arun P, one of the founder-members and all of 23 tells me, most of their members are below the age of 35.
If that’s the first of the clich├ęs shattered (vintage scooters would appeal to those who belong to somewhat vintage years) then the next is yet another widely believed one. You’d expect young men to be zooming around on their bikes, not on the Lambrettas and Vespas once used by their dads and passionately restoring these to their former glory. Mention this to them and you would be surprised. They may use bikes from time to time but like the obsession with vintage cars, the passion for classic scooters is an unexplained one, says Arun, a mechanical engineer turned MBA aspirant, who says tinkering with automobiles was his childhood dream.
“For most of us the passion originates from a time when we were 16 or 17 years and it was time to move from a bicycle to a motorised vehicle,” says Siddharth Naidu, IT professional and another founder-member. Naidu used his dad’s Lambretta for six years before it was sold off.  He finally bought one of his own in 2008 from an old gentleman and met fellow enthusiast and collector Arun, who knew the right mechanics for the required repair job. They met up with two other classic scooter enthusiasts Gokul Yumm and Yatish G V in Cubbon Park for a ride in April 2009 and decided to start the Bangalore classic scooter club.
So what could be categorised as a classic scooter? Lambretta, Vespa and Vijay Super are the names that fall about in conversation. “To us any scooter that has hand operated gears and follows the classic design would be one,” says Naidu. “Preferably something manufactured before ’85-’90,” adds Arun, who owns several classic scooters apart from a vintage Morris Minor.
The Bangalore Classic Scooter Club can be found onFacebook. You could also email them at: bcsc2010[at]gmail[dot]com.
The members conduct a rally on the last Sunday of almost every month and as Naidu adds, the number of participants has been increasing steadily with each one. The rally in February this year saw almost 30 classic scooters. And while you ideally need to have a vintage scooter to be a participant, Arun adds that they have never really stopped anyone from joining in or from simply gawking at the line-up of scooters, in steel gray, blue, white and some in cheerful candy colours.
The rallies and word of mouth efforts have increased the club’s members who help each other out, whether it is in finding out about the right mechanics or helping someone to procure a classic scooter. Naidu laments that the popularity of old scooters has led to some people quoting exorbitant rates and trying to make a quick buck. Which is the reason the club is helpful as members can exchange news on repair jobs, availability of spare parts and finding a scooter of the right vintage. And with a motto that says Save Our Scooters (SOS), could you expect any less?   ⊕

Friday, September 10, 2010

Vespa PX to return? : 2strokebuzz

Vespa PX to return? : 2strokebuzz

With rumors swirling that the 4-stroke LML Star/Genuine Stella sales are sparking a P-series competitor from Vespa, our pals at French site Scooter-Station asked Jean-Philippe Dauviau, Marketing Director of Piaggio France “Will the PX be produced again?”

Dauviau answers that several markets have requested it, and it’s likely, though it wouldn’t be a 4-stroke.
Rumors of a 4-stroke P have circulated since the 1980s, so one wonders why Piaggio has been unable to engineer such a bike. If demand was insufficient over the last 30 years, it’s no surprise they wouldn’t bother now. LML managed to build a bike that Piaggio seems to think is impossible, for far less than Piaggio would charge for it. LML sales are good in a few markets, but it’s still a niche product, especially in France and Italy. We’ve been arguing on forums for months now that it’s even LESS likely than ever that Piaggio would put out a 4-stroke P, and this looks like proof that we’re right. If anything, we can look forward to yet another limited edition of mildly more eco-friendly (ironically, probably reed-valved like the original Stellas) 2-stroke PX150s (in white, red, or black!) targeted at the Brits and Germans and ridiculously overpriced here in America (and–hello 1985!– not available in California).
Oddly, we’re starting to agree with Piaggio. They’ve moved on, let LML have that market. As Dauviau points out*, the modern Vespa is superior in every way, aside from simplicity and tradition, and a 4-stroke engine and partial tube frame blows the simplicity/tradition argument anyway. As far as styling, the P-series is no VBB or GS, and the modern Vespa S and GTS are both proof that the design of the modern Vespa can evoke the past AND break new ground in reasonable balance. Sure, we vintage Vespa fans don’t want to see things that way, but the compromises required to manufacture and import scooters these days will never allow our dreams to come true anyway. That’s what vintage Vespas are for in the first place, remember?