Sunday, August 16, 2009

LML Revival

Geared scooters are back in business, and first off the line in this revival is LML's NV 4-Stroke which was recently introduced in Delhi and Faridabad.

Rewind twenty years, to a scene on a typical Indian street. The eighties are roaring, and the new liberated mantra for personal mobility is reverse engineered Italian style-icons, known to the world as scooters. In all likelihood, seven out of ten vehicles you would have encountered would have been puttering two-stroke scooters. Of course, the age of Japanese 4-stroke motorcycles rang the death knell for the 2-strokers in India, but their charm and real world practicality has seen them thrive internationally.

LML has been one of the major players in the erstwhile scooter-happy market, and the company now has plans of reviving the trend of convenient geared scooters in the country. The scooter manufacturer has been in business exporting its products offshore, but has recently returned to its roots by launching its first product in India after many years in the form of the LML NV 4-Stroke.

Source - Zigwheels

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